Parent Partnership

Parent Partnership

We recognise that a child’s first impressions of the world begin at home and it is therefore vital that both the nursery and parents are working together. Parents are encouraged to share their ideas with us to help shape the service we offer to the children.

We value the contributions made by parents and will actively seek a partnership, through which the children will benefit by having continuous and consistent care. This is an essential ingredient in supporting their confidence and developing their learning potential.

We understand that regular communication and exchange of information is the key aim of our parent partnership.

Information is available to parents via:

  • daily verbal reports about each child (eating, sleep, learning and care updates);
  • online learning journal;
  • parent and room notice boards;
  • parent consultations with their child’s key person;
  • parent policy handbook;
  • regular nursery newsletter;
  • parent presentation evenings;
  • the Parent Nursery Association (PNA); and Comments and Suggestions box.

The key person allocated to your child will give feedback about your child’s experiences that day. In the event that you are not collecting your child yourself, you can arrange to talk to your key child’s parent on the phone instead.

Key Person Role and Responsibilities

The main role of the key person is to:

  • help ensure their key children feel safe, secure and confident, so they can develop to their full potential;
  • build secure and trusting relationships with the parents/carers of their key children to establish their child’s individual needs;
  • complete a ‘Two Year Old Check’ in the term the child turns two, detailing their development;
  • arrange meetings with the parents/carer to discuss the child’s progress and/or any developmental concerns;
  • ensure that parents/carers are kept informed of their child’s day to day experiences;
  • assist with their daily intimate care needs, such as their key child’s nappy changes, clothes, washing hands and feeding;
  • assist the parent/carer and their key child with the settling-in process, taking time to listen to questions and provide answers; and
  • liaise with another key person where a child is moving from one room to another, ensuring all information is passed on correctly.

“Parent partnerships are superb. Parents highly rate what they consider to be an exceptionally caring and communicative staff team”

Ofsted inspection report November 2023



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